Compliance Deposit


MLS4OWNERS and its customers’ properties are subject to state licensing laws and the rules of your local multiple listing service. In fact, MLS4OWNERS and other member brokers get fined by multiple  listing services when their rules are not followed. Compliance with those regulations will ensure that your property and the properties of other sellers continue to have access to the privilege of being listed in your multiple listing service. Most customers do a great job of keeping us informed of disclosures required by multiple listing services and real estate industry regulators (the two most important of which are when an offer has been accepted and when a sale has closed). There are good reasons for this, beyond just bureaucracy. Lenders, appraisers, buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers all rely on the accuracy of data when making decisions and that data helps real estate transactions run smoothly for everybody involved. As a gentle reminder to everybody, we collect a refundable $100 compliance deposit at the time of activation, and our goal is to refund every cent. If Seller adheres to the “Duties of Seller” described in this Agreement, MLS4OWNERS will return the deposit within 10 business days of notification of the closing of the sale or the return of the keybox, whichever comes later. Seller will forfeit deposit if property is not returned within 30 days.